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Tracheostomy tools are devices that are inserted into the trachea to create a clear airway for the passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide. These tools include the tracheostomy tubes, replacement inner scapula, tracheostomy trap and vents and the tracheostomy kit. 

The Portex Tracheostomy Tube comes with a soft flexible flange for easy fixation. It is lightweight and non-irritant which helps it avoid inflammation on the tracheostomy. The 15mm connector and the ability to rotate in 360 degrees makes it safe for connection from any direction. It is also made with thermosensitive material to match the temperature of the individual using it. 

The soft low-pressure cuff automatically adjusts the pressure to match the point of contact during breathing. This helps minimise various complications like tracheal trauma. It is also supplied with a cotton neck tape and is sterile with a radio-opaque blue line for x-ray visualisation. 

USL Medical provides both the paediatric and adult-use tracheostomy tubes. We have a complete range of tracheostomy products for both surgical and percutaneous procedures. Choose from our range of customised tracheostomy tubes and other products.