Tube Connectors

Tube Connectors

Medical fittings such as tube connectors are small but vital devices in healthcare. They are sometimes easily overlooked, yet their presence is critical. At USL Medical, we supply a wide variety of tubing connectors and various other medical fittings to meet your needs.

Used in potable water supply, oxygen lines, drainage and other medical systems - tubing connectors are an essential tool. Some of the most common types include Luers, Y connectors, barbed/stepped connectors, elbow connectors, T-connectors and more.

Single-use connectors are important because they retain the sterility of whatever system to which you fix them. However, it is important to always use high-quality single-use connectors, the kind you'll find stocked at USL Medical.

We cover a full range of medical connectors including bayonet fittings, giant-bore connectors, both male and female Luer lock connectors and many more.

If the connector or other tubing accessories and subassemblies you need are not currently listed on our page, please contact our team so that we can help you source them for you.