CPAP & NIV Masks

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CPAP & NIV Masks

CPAP & NIV masks are some of the most popular medical masks due to their versatility and safety. There are a number of types of CPAP masks such as nasal, pillows and full-face options. They come with cushioning and are fully adjustable and can be used in bed or in upright positions.

CPAP & NIV masks come with a number of benefits compared to regular masks. They are made with a silicone cushion that makes them fit comfortably on the face. The single patient use makes them ideal for avoiding cross-contamination while the different sizes simplify the fitting process.

These masks have great moisture absorbents as they keep sweat and water out through a breathable liner. They also come with additional contact surface area, reducing tension on the face and eliminating the risk of skin redness, air leaks and strap marks.

The masks come in small, standard, medium and large sizes to fit a wide range of face sizes. USL Medical supplies high-quality CPAP & NIV masks right across New Zealand.