Positive Airway Pressure

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Positive Airway Pressure

Positive airway pressure is a treatment option that introduces air under pressure to keep the lungs functioning. It helps keep the airway running during sleep. The treatment involves wearing a mask during sleep with air pressured into the airways using a special machine.

Positive airway pressure is a treatment option to keep the lungs working correctly. It helps to keep the airways open while you sleep. A particular machine is used to force air into the patient's airways while they sleep, thus ensuring the airways remain active such that the patient can establish normal breathing at all times. It is safe and can be used for patients of all ages. 

At USL Medical, we have a range of medical devices used in positive airway pressure. We have incentive spirometers, the primary device used in breathing therapy, pressure ports used to mobilize secretions, and other devices with similar functions.

We partner with some of the most reputable manufacturers to ensure we provide top-quality positive airway pressure devices that work so that the patient can sleep without worrying about lung failure. The patient can also breathe without needing support from caregivers all the time.

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