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Diabetic Sock

Diabetic socks are specially designed to keep your feet dry and decrease the risk of foot injury by maintaining healthy blood flow. They are crucial for foot care, an essential part of diabetic care as it reduces the risk of circulatory and nervous systems damage from high blood sugar levels.

They help with relieving diabetic neuropathy pain, poor blood flow and circulation, uncomfortable sock rings on the calf, foot ulcers, sensitive foot, numbness, pain and swelling on the legs. They also prevent the sliding of socks down your calf. 

Diabetic socks are ideal for those who frequently experience sweaty and moist feet, also when you experience changes in the foot temperature and colour, irritation, blisters, nerve damage and fungal infections. 

Made with moisture-wicking material, they allow moisture from the foot to evaporate, decreasing the risk of fungal infection and foot odour. The socks are seamless to reduce rubbing and blisters and have non-elastic binding to ensure unrestricted blood circulation. They also come with antimicrobial properties and smart technology to prevent various foot infections. 

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