Reusable Textiles

Reusable Textiles

For many years the healthcare sector relied solely on disposable paper gowns, drapes and towels due to their comfort and barrier protection. The rise in technology has seen reusable textiles come to the fore which now exist as the preferred textile option.

Reusable textiles have risen to the occasion in the medical environment, working effectively in infection prevention and surgical risk management due to their high integrity. They come with assured protection and reliability, permanent high performance and comfort.

Reusable textiles provide the best barrier against penetration which makes them ideal for avoiding contamination. They are impermeable to liquids, are antistatic and come with dimensional stability. They are also environmentally friendly as they can be reprocessed and reused many times.

With such benefits, many medical items are now made in the form of reusable textiles. USL Medical has a wide range of these items from bedspread blankets to clothing protectors, laundry bags, patient gowns, sheets, pillows and towels.

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