The obstetrics and delivery room demands high standards of care and impeccable diagnostics to go with it. When it comes to diagnostic equipment for maternity use, you can trust USL Medical to deliver top quality and affordability.

In particular, given the prevalence of new technology in obstetrics, it is essential that all devices and equipment be easy to use, intuitive and highly reliable. The team of experts at USL Medical takes the guesswork out of your supply process by ensuring access only to the highest quality brands of obstetric diagnostics devices and tools.

We also pay attention to software and analysis algorithms, things you wouldn’t normally think about but which are crucial in the long run. Devices like CTG equipment and oximeters should always run on the latest and most advanced algorithms, which is why our inventory consists of the latest tried and tested products.

In short, USL Medical is the partner you can trust for one-stop-stop diagnostics solutions. Some examples of what we supply include:

  • Finger pulse oximeters, both for adults and infants
  • Thermometers (ear, infrared, digital thermometers, etc)
  • Single-use lancing devices
  • Diagnostic tests such as reagent strips for urinalysis
  • Otoscopes and otoscope heads
  • Ophthalmoscopes and more.

Whatever you need for obstetrics diagnostics, order here for all hospital, private practice and personal care uses and get amazing prices.