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Wound care is all about ensuring that the wound is in the best possible condition for healing to occur. Maintaining optimal moisture levels while allowing fluid drainage from the wound is essential. In addition to protecting the wound from the environment and infectious agents, such as bacteria, it is also essential to keep it clean and dry.

Hydrofiber dressings promote wound healing by developing and sustaining an optimal wound environment. They use a hybrid of hydrocolloid and sterile dressing technology. A dressing is an absorbent material that covers the wound to protect the wound from infection and debris. In addition to absorbing wound fluid and exudate that contains bacteria, the dressing promotes healing by acting as a sponge.

A hydrocolloid is applied to it to keep the wound's surface moist. Enzymes and other healing agents thrive in this kind of environment, and as a result, the damaged and old tissue in the wound is removed, and new tissue is encouraged to grow.

Hydrofiber dressings are available from USL Medical in a wide variety. Dressings from leading manufacturers can be found in our Hydrofiber dressings collection. Depending on your needs, we have dressings in various sizes and styles.

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