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Maintaining the optimum environment for the natural healing process to take place is an important part of wound care. It is important to maintain optimum moisture levels while allowing drainage of fluids from the wound. It is also important to protect the wound from exposure to the environment as well as infectious agents such as bacteria.

Hydrofiber dressings are designed to create and maintain the ideal environment for wound healing. They incorporate technology that combines the benefits of hydrocolloids and sterile dressing. The dressing is an absorbent material that covers the wound site and protects the wound from the exposure to infectious agents and debris. The dressing also encourages healing by absorbing wound fluid including exudate that contains bacteria.

The hydrocolloid helps to keep the wound bed moist. This provides the ideal environment in which enzymes and other healing agents can work. This promotes the removal of damaged and old tissue and the growth of new tissue in the wound.

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