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Disposable glove dispensers are ideal in providing a central location where healthcare workers can find a new pair of gloves quickly and conveniently. Mostly placed in a central and easily accessible locations, the dispenser allows the healthcare provider to save time and effort with the ability to get a new pair within a few seconds.

There are different types of glove dispensers and holders that can be used in medical facilities. For example, in the larger medical facilities where gloves get used up quickly, an ideal option is the double or triple dispenser that can hold up more than one glove at once. The other option is the multi-purpose glove dispenser that has a container on top for disposing of the gloves immediately after changing.

With glove holders in the right position, staff will be able to change their gloves quick enough without wasting time. Given they are mostly wall-mounted, you can place them in strategic locations within the facility without requiring a table or bench.

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