A calf sleeve is used for achieving optimal performance. Medical-grade compression sleeves are designed to provide compression for quick recovery from hard workouts or injury and to ease pain from calf strains and shin splints.

Calf sleeves can also be used as a preventive measure against calf and shin injuries. It also improves performance as it accelerates proprioceptive feedback through the brain. The benefits combine to ensure you work out optimally while limiting possible injuries.

The sleeves can be used by both males and females as a therapeutic garment. It is also functional in dealing with oedema and varicose veins. 

Most calf sleeves are lightweight and have a stylish design that allows them to be worn with dress clothes and during workouts. The sleeves also stand out for their versatility as they can also be used for post-surgery recovery, controlling lower leg cramps and avoiding deep vein thrombosis during long travels or exercise.

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