Knee Level 3

Knee Level 3

Level 3 knee protection represents advanced knee braces that support and stabilise the knee for post-surgery recovery. It can also help mitigate the effects of various conditions like osteoarthritis.

These advanced knee braces are ideal to use when the knees become unstable due to posterior or anterior cruciate ligament, ACL or PCL deficit or when looking to restrict movement following reconstructive surgery.

The braces come with a leverage design for optimal stability. They can also be adjusted to fit the required range of motion. It has ROM hives which help with the flex stops. The added silicone-grip strap pad ensures it sticks once the given range is set. 

The polycentric hinge movement of the knee brace ensures it supports actual human movement. It also has numbered straps for proper adjustment and an adjustable ROM hinge to prevent hypertension. The muscle-relaxing pads reduce pain and speed up post-surgery recovery. 

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