Medical grade and supplies are not the same as any other regular equipment. They have to undergo massive testing to ensure they meet the strict guidelines for the efficiency needed for proper medical care. There are various bodies both national and international that have to confirm that the products meet the safety and operational standards. That is why you realize most of the items in the hospitals and other medical facilities are far superior to those in local stores.

The medical-grade equipment are uniquely designed to meet specific functions in medical care. For example, unlike regular clothing, medical clothing is designed with materials and labelled for protection from infection while also working for identification. There are special medical devices for dentistry, urology, fertility, gastroenterology, gynecological medicine and more.

While medical grade equipment are ideal for medical care, finding them in the market has been a challenge. With the high regulatory standards comes limited supply and high prices. That is where USL Medical comes in.

At USL Medical, we are all about ensuring access to specialty medical supplies. We stock a wide range of medical-grade supplies at competitive market prices. Our products come from reputable manufacturers, hence assured quality.

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