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Chest Drainage

Chest Drainage

Chest drainage is the draining of fluids from the pleural space between the lung and the chest wall. Fluids can build up in the cavity due to different reasons like infection, inflammation, traumatic injuries and more.

Chest drainage is a demanding procedure that involves the doctor conducting a CT scan or ultrasound to evaluate the location and the amount of the fluid. The doctor then injects anaesthesia on the site with fluids. The next step is to suck the fluid using a syringe and needle. For cases of accumulating fluid, the doctor uses a drainage catheter for sustained fluid removal.

Given the delicate nature of the chest drainage procedure, you need the best quality devices for the process. At USL Medical we are after ensuring safe and fast chest drainage. That is why we invest in chest drainage devices that meet international quality and safety standards.

Browse through our catalogue for the various chest drainage kits, bottles, suction, tubing and thoracic catheter. Feel free to contact one of your experts for guidance on shopping for the ideal chest drainage equipment for your medical practice.