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Mapping Grids and Measures

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Mapping Grids and Measures

Wound measurement is vital in the management of wounds. Wound measurement provides health care workers with baseline information on wounds. Continuous measurement of wounds helps health care professionals predict the rate of healing of a wound. Health professionals can determine the efficacy of a wound treatment. They can decide whether changes need to be made.

We at USL Equipment understand the importance of wound management and the role that wound measurement plays. We supply a wide range of wound measurement and mapping equipment. Our equipment is designed to support the wound assessment and management process.

We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of the equipment we supply our customers. We’ve done the work to supply our customers with the best equipment from some of the top manufacturers. Our equipment is designed for easy use as well as to provide accurate results. Our equipment is designed to support healthcare professionals by providing accurate data that will help in administering the most effective approach to wound care and management.

Shop our wound mapping, grids and measurement equipment and discover a wide range of equipment designed to meet different needs and requirements. Browse our selection to find the equipment that meets your needs.