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Now that we have handheld fetal dopplers that meet or exceed professional medical standards, you can carry one around for an entire round or hospital checkups. These high-performance devices, such as the Huntleigh Fetal Doppler, have revolutionized care in obstetrics facilities everywhere.

That doesn’t mean that quality gets compromised. In fact, we at USL Medical insist on reliable and uncompromising quality when it comes to medical equipment and supplies, but especially where maternity equipment is concerned.

That’s why the fetal dopplers we supply are:

  • Highly sensitive for reliable and accurate readings. They can be used for early fetal heartbeat detection, systolic pressure detection, and more
  • Easy to use. Being handheld and highly portable requires consistently accurate results, so we like to see simplified usage and readings
  • Accurate and versatile audio output, appropriate for all kinds of use cases with no background noise or interference 
  • Durable and reliable to service high volumes of patients in tough conditions.
  • Available with special features such as fetal monitor corometrics.

The best fetal dopplers are a source of assurance and joy,  but most importantly, reliable information to help diagnose fetal health complications at early stages. That’s what you get with USL Medical maternity dopplers, so buy now and get unbeatable prices.