Laryngeal Masks

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Laryngeal Masks

While laryngeal masks were initially designed for use in operating rooms for elective ventilation, they have since become a common mainstay in the emergency rooms used as an airway management device. It is a preferred option due to the fact that it frees up the provider’s hands while also ensuring no gastric detention. 

The Portex Laryngeal Mask is permeable to nitrous oxide due to the exclusive soft seal cuffless it features. It is also ideal for minimising pressure and reducing the risk of trauma. 

The laryngeal mask is designed with a large endotracheal tube at the proximal end to connect with the elliptical mask. It is placed on the patient’s hypopharynx to cover the supraglottic structures. This allows for the easy isolation of the trachea which works best for avoiding blockage. 

USL Medical supplies the high-quality Portex Laryngeal Mask used in hospitals and medical practices all around the world.