Portex Silicone Laryngeal Mask

  • Code: SM100222200

  • Unit: 


The Portex® Soft Seal® Laryngeal Mask features the exclusive Soft Seal® Cuff which is less permeable to nitrous oxide than that of re-usable masks, reducing increase in pressure and minimising potential trauma.

The cuff, combined with the higher atrium, helps to provide an improved seal. The Portex® Soft Seal® Laryngeal Mask is designed to avoid the risk of blockage without the need for obstructive epiglottis bars, allowing easy access for flexible fibre optic devices and fibre optic-guided placement of endotracheal tubes.

Code Description Unit
SM100222200 Size 2 EACH Add to quote
SM100222250 Size 2.5 EACH Add to quote
SM100222400 Size 4 EACH Add to quote
SM100222500 Size 5 EACH Add to quote