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Island Dressings

Island Dressings

Protecting wounds and creating an optimal healing environment is equally important as minimizing trauma during dressing changes during wound care. Island dressings are intended to protect wounds from the environment, absorb secretions from the wound surfaces, and allow for non-traumatic dressing changes to be performed.

Island dressings are dressings that do not adhere to the skin. That means that when they are used as a dressing, they will not adhere to the wound surface. They are simple to use, and they are also simple to remove. As a result, they are particularly well suited for use on wounds in the early stages of healing. Island dressings are frequently used to cover wound sites following surgical procedures. They create a sterile environment that helps prevent wound infection while also reducing trauma when dressings are switched.

USL Medical has sourced the best-in-class Island dressings from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. Our wound care products are designed to be gentle on the wound. Wounds are protected and absorbed, and the skin around the wound is less damaged during healing. Unlike other wound dressings, these don't stick to dry wound sections or cause skin necrosis. As a result, wounds heal more quickly and naturally.

The island dressings we offer will help you find exactly what you're looking for!