Tubular Bandages

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Tubular Bandages

A tubular bandage is a tubular shape that patients wear over an extremity to keep a dressing in place while they are healing. Compared to other types of bandaging, it provides more support for soft tissues and is more comfortable to wear.

There are latex tubular bandages and latex-free bandages for patients who are sensitive to latex. They are made of cotton and other fibers and are highly elastic, allowing them to fit limbs of varying lengths and widths. Smaller and larger tubular bandages, on the other hand, are available for patients on the end of the spectrum.

When compared to wrappings, tubular bandages are more comfortable to wear. They do not require the use of tape, pins, or other fasteners to be applied to an injured body part. They also allow patients to move freely without causing any irritation as it provides uniform compression around the wound or injury, resulting in ample support and the ability to use a variety of dressings.

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