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It is said that Leo Gerstenzang, creator of the cotton swab, got the idea after watching his wife applying cotton wads on toothpicks to clean hard-to-reach areas. Today, swabs used in medical applications are one of the most useful consumables used in disinfection, cleaning and collection of samples.

At USL Medical, we supply medical swabs as part of our huge inventory of medical consumables. We have cotton swabs and swabs impregnated with alcohol used for disinfection. All these are made of 100% natural cotton with plastic or wooden stems and are sterile for medical and laboratory use. 

In particular, USL supplies large mouth swabs and long 20cm cotton tip swabs. These are particularly useful when collecting mouth and nasal swabs for testing. The coronavirus pandemic has made these cotton swabs particularly useful, and you can order your batch here at USL Medical right away. 

Other types of swabs such as alcohol swabs, culture liquid swabs, and gauze swabs are also available for order on our site. Whatever you are looking for, you can rest assured of top quality in every cotton swab we supply to you, as well as unbeatable value for your money.