Wound dressings made of a transparent film are used to keep wounds protected against the elements and infections. They also allow doctors and other healthcare professionals easy visual access to the wound site. These dressings, which are made of polymer membranes, are available in a variety of thicknesses to suit different applications.

They are frequently coated with adhesive on one side to make them durable. Wound dressings are impervious to liquids such as water and microorganisms such as bacteria because of their film-like construction. Although they are impermeable to moisture vapor and atmospheric gases, they are permeable to both.

Transparent film dressings are frequently used for wounds that are only partially healed. They do not contain highly absorbent materials and, as a result, cannot be used on wounds with a significant amount of exudate. They are frequently used on second-degree burns, donor sites, abrasions, to cover IV sites, and for lacerations, among other things.

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