Electrocardiography is the procedure of recording the electrical activity of the heart through electrodes placed on the body. The machine used to do this is the ECG Machine. The test recognises and records heart rhythm and electrical activity which it then processes and displays on small 1mm squares.

ECG is the ideal way to detect heart problems in patients of any age. They can be used to detect abnormal heart rhythm, structural abnormalities like enlarged heart chambers and blocked or narrowed arteries. The machine can also be used to measure how well the heart is responding to treatment.

The medical professional relies on ECG machine results to determine ideal action and treatment depending on the state of the heart.

The ECG machine comes with various parts like connecting wires, amplifiers, electrodes, storage and a transmission device. They also come in various channels like single-channel, 3-channel or 12-channel, which are configurations of the machine.

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