Blood Pressure Cuffs

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Blood pressure (BP) conditions are among the most rampant yet unrecognised in medicine. Symptoms are difficult to identify, even when you undergo routine blood pressure tests with your doctor. That's where the blood pressure cuffs come in.

Blood pressure cuffs are BP measuring devices you wear around your arm for regular and at-home blood pressure testing. 

The size of the blood pressure cuff you use is very important. Using cuffs that are either too big or too small can mean inaccurate results. It is therefore crucial that you use the right sized cuff when measuring BP. The right size is where the cuff covers 40% of the distance around the upper arm and 80% of the distance between the elbow and the shoulder. 

Once you use the cuffs properly, you can always be sure of accurate results, contacting your doctor in the case of high or low BP. 

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