Skin Marking Pen

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Skin Marking Pen

Special skin marking pens with Gentian purple or violet ink has been used in healthcare for over a century due to their antiseptic properties. They are perfect for selecting and marking skin prior to medical and cosmetic procedures (such as tattooing), often in conjunction with other accessories such as skin marking rulers. 

A skin marker must meet professional medical standards such as:

  • Be usable on both wet and dry skin
  • Be sterile to avoid infection
  • Be non-toxic
  • Have high visibility
  • Be scrub resistant, but wipe off easily at the end of a procedure or disappear over time
  • Be odourless and non-allergenic

That’s why USL Medical supplies high-quality skin marking pens. We have ensured that they are of the best quality for use in all kinds of sensitive and precise medical applications. 

In addition, these marking pens are available in different sizes of tips (1mm and 0.5mm) to suit your needs. Place your order now with USL Medical.