Triangular Bandage

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Triangular Bandage

Triangular bandages are one of the most essential pieces of first aid equipment. It is a piece of cloth made into a right-angled triangle and comes with pins for securing it in place. The bandage has multiple use cases and can be mended for specific body parts it holds. 

It can be folded for use as a normal bandage, used as a sling when fully unrolled and for specialised applications like holding the head. 

Triangular bandages are used for maintaining poultice or compression on head wounds. They are also ideal for keeping body parts still to improve the healing process. Given the multiple uses, it's clear why a triangular bandage is a staple within first aid kits. It can also be folded as a thick cloth then placed over a wound to stop bleeding. 

The bandage is disposable and should be thrown away after use. 

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