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A dissolvable suture is another name for an absorbable suture. Natural-dissolving stitches are used to close wounds and to keep them from bleeding. As the wound heals, the body eliminates them. Dissolvable materials are used in their construction—fibers extracted from animal intestines or synthetic polymers designed to be absorbed by the body. As a result, the doctor does not have to remove these stitches as the wound heals. As a result, they're perfect for securing surgical incisions and wounds in difficult-to-reach locations. Spongy or jagged wounds can also benefit from absorbable sutures to seal surgical sites. Because they are flexible, they can be inserted into the surgical site to fit the area's contours.

At USL Medical, we don't take any chances with our patients' wellbeing. Choose from a wide variety of absorbable sutures for various uses in our selection of absorbable sutures. Absorbable sutures are available from some of the best manufacturers.

USL Medical has a wide selection of high-quality sutures known for their ability to retain their strength. High mass absorption is another benefit of these sutures.

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