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Male Products

Man pads, as male incontinence products are sometimes called, are necessary incontinence products that help men who dribble or surge against their will. Discreet absorbent diapers (slips) and pads offer quick and effective absorption of urinary or bowel excretions, offering maximum comfort and security.

Depending on the level of incontinence, men can choose between anatomically designed pads or pull-on men pads. Men pads are worn with underwear and are specially shaped to accommodate men’s anatomy, while liners such as MoliCare’s 6 Drops function like liners but are super absorbent and comfortable. 

Given men’s anatomy and the type of clothing they wear, male incontinence products are special because they help them retain maximum dignity as they deal with incontinence. The products we supply here at USL Medical are of the best quality and offer maximum comfort, security and skin protection, keeping the skin from irritation. 

USL Medical has affordable pricing for bulk orders for healthcare providers in New Zealand and Australia.