Emergency ventilation has become critical in the world of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. As the demand for simpler, more affordable ventilators rises, new technologies are constantly being developed.

Post-pandemic, access to reliable, portable, affordable emergency ventilators could still mean the difference between life and death. USL Medical is proud to play its part by making a wide range of emergency ventilators available to EMS, hospitals and other medical personnel everywhere.

Our ventilation kits include combo units such as the Parapac Plus kit, which has the capacity to deliver mechanical ventilation, demand or free-flow oxygen therapy and even CPAP.

We also have the popular Pneupac VR1 Standard, a ventilator and resuscitator designed specifically for the demanding hospital, ambulance, fire and police services.

These and other emergency ventilation equipment can be found in our range and are trusted by health providers everywhere. Order online or get in touch with our customer-focussed team if you have any further questions.