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Anaesthesia is one of the important aspects of a successful surgery. It is the fluid or substance that keeps them asleep or unresponsive during the surgical process. To administer anaesthesia properly a variety of tools and equipment are required.

There are a number of different anaesthetic products serving a variety of purposes. Some are used to administer anaesthesia, others ensure proper airflow when the patient remains asleep, some for monitoring, recording, auditing and more. It is crucial you have the highest quality necessities for the best possible results.

USL Medical offers a wide range of anaesthetic equipment. These products come from trusted and leading brands in the market following strict compliance, quality control and safety measures. Products in the USL Medical range include cuffed endotracheal tubes, laryngectomy tubes, electrostatic filters, disposable atomisers, oropharyngeal airways, peep valves, thermovents, inserts and more.

Browse the USL Medical range online for the latest in innovative, high-quality anaesthetic products.