Rainbow Trays Main - 1 base + 100 inserts

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Rainbow Trays - Colour Coded Anaesthetic Trays
Supporting and aligning to the ISO26825:2008 colour coded critical care labelling system, Rainbow Trays™ are compartmentalised drug trays that separate anaesthetic drugs by type.
By replicating the critical care label colours into a standardised tray and defining a logical progression of use, Rainbow Trays can help to reduce the cognitive process especially in high stress and time sensitive situations for the safe administration of perioperative anaesthetic drugs and reduce the risk of syringe swaps.
Rainbow Trays™ provide a clean bacteriostatic environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anaesthetic drugs that allows for the segregation of routine, local and emergency drugs.
Rainbow Trays™ are an innovative but simple product that will make a significant contribution to patient safety in all areas where anaesthesia is delivered.
Rainbow Trays™ comprise three separate trays;
The Main Tray for routine drugs 
The Local Tray for local anaesthetics needing to be kept seperate from the routine drugs to avoid accidental use and
The Emergency Tray for drugs only to be used in emergency situations.
Current practice for the transportation and storage of anaesthetic drugs prior to administration usually involves all the drugs being placed in a single non-compartmentionalised tray made from either paper pulp or polypropylene.
This means that drugs can be swapped or misplaced and the respective ampoule is not at hand for quick checking prior to administration.
Rainbow Trays deliver on four important issues:
  • Supports the ASTM critical care colour code labelling system
  • Standardises the logical progression of use from induction to reversal
  • Physical separation of all drug types to reduce the risk of syringe swaps
  • Complete segregation of emergency and local anaesthetics
  • Keeps relevant ampoule with syringe for effective double checking
Infection Control
  • Bacteriostatic material will not harbour any bacterial growth
  • No dispersal of harmful pulp fibres in operating area
  • Single use trays
Patient Safety
  • The AAGBI & RCoA critical care labelling system for anaesthetic drugs is internationally recognised as an ASTM standard.
  • This means that any healthcare professional worldwide will instantly understand the Rainbow TrayTM system and be able to use the trays with virtually no instruction.
  • They are simple and effective in design and fully support an established mode of practice 
This configuration enables the routine, local and emergency drugs to be clearly separated with the two smaller trays being situated beneath the main routine tray if desired.
100% Recyclable Rainbow Trays. Made using recycled material
'The only Environmentally Sustainable drugs tray supporting a circular economy for medical plastics in healthcare'
All Rainbow Trays products are manufactured in clean room conditions using recycled material.
The recycled content is average 80%.
The disposable insert trays are manufactured using minimum thickness plastic to reduce the volume of plastic used.
Each tray has less plastic than a small drinks bottle
Every part of Rainbow Trays is 100% recyclable 
Please dispose of responsibly. 
Reusing and Recycling medical plastics is more environmentally sustainable and cost efficient than landfill or incineration.
The carton contains:
1 x Main Base Tray
100 x Inserts 


Main Tray Colour Guide

  • Orange                                  Hypnotics
  • Blue                                       Opioids
  • Yellow                                    Induction agents
  • Red                                       Muscle relaxants
  • Salmon                                  Anti-emetics
  • White                                     Misc. including antibiotics
  • Red/White                             Reversal agents


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