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For many years, manual resuscitation techniques like mouth-to-mouth were the most-used procedures for emergency ventilation. However, they came with various challenges like abdominal distention, poor ventilation, vomiting and aspiration. That is where the handheld resuscitators come in.

Handheld resuscitators are devices used to create positive ventilation for patients who are not breathing or are struggling to breathe. It combines a non-breathing valve mechanism, oxygen reservoir and a self-inflating bag which are attached to an endotracheal tube or face mask for manual ventilation of the patient. It is the best option for resuscitating patients in cases of emergency. They can be used during respiratory failure, conscious sedation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

To use the resuscitation product, the medical practitioner must be careful when the patient is suffering from severe head trauma. There is also a need for skilled and precise connection of the device. 

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