Low-Adherent Pads

Low-Adherent Pads

The wrong type of wound dressing can have a negative impact on wound healing efforts. When dressing wounds that are delicate or located in areas with sensitive skin, it is critical to avoid traumatic dressing removal or changes. Preventing trauma to wounds by using low-adherent pads is an excellent idea.

It's not good for low adhesion pads to stick to wounds. Some of these dressings are absorbent and, therefore, help soak up the fluid from the wound. On the other hand, they don't stick to the dry parts of the wound as it heals. These dressings keep the skin from getting burned, and they also keep the skin from getting hurt, which could cause more damage to the skin.

Wounds or infected areas of the skin that are sensitive or in the early stages of healing respond well to low adherent pads, which are ideal for use on these areas. They can be applied directly to the wound to help protect it from infection and debris accumulation and absorb wound fluids and help it heal faster.

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