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Low-Adherent Pads

Low-Adherent Pads

Efforts in wound healing can be reversed as a result of the use of the wrong type of wound dressing. It is important to avoid traumatic dressing removal or changes especially when dressing wounds that are fragile or located in areas with sensitive skin. Low adherent pads are a great way to prevent trauma to wounds during removal or dressings.

Low adherent pads are wound dressings that are designed not to stick to wounds. These dressings are absorbent. They therefore help to absorb secretions from the wound. They however do not adhere to the dry parts of the wound during the healing process. These dressings prevent maceration of the skin while also avoiding trauma that could result in further damage of the skin.

Low adherent pads are ideal for use on wounds or infected parts of the skin that are sensitive or in the early healing phase. They can be applied directly on the wound to protect the wound from infection and the collection of debris as well as to absorb wound fluids.

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