Light Elastic Bandage

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Light Elastic Bandage

Also known as compression bandages, the light elastic bandage is an essential first aid kit item, mostly used in hospitals and medical facilities. The bandage is used for various cases such as holding a dressing in place, providing compression for strains or sprains and limiting blood flow. 

The light elastic bandages are made using cotton, polyester and elasticated yarn to allow for compression and stretching. They are designed to provide consistent pressure in line with the body contours to manage pain and swelling. 

The light elastic bandages come with flexible fabric that clings to itself and does not require a clip to fasten. They also cling to the body, limiting the need for frequent adjustments hence they're ideal for securing hot or cold packs to the skin. 

Take note that you should only use the light elastic bandages within 24-48 hours after an injury. The patient should then only keep it on for around 48-72 hours. Also, ensure that the bandage is snug to avoid cutting blood circulation. 

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