Tubular Bandage

Tubular Bandage

Tubular bandages are elasticated bandages used to provide uniform compression and support on sprains and strains. They are also ideal in treating post-burn scarring, wound dressing and retention. 

The elastic bandage provides a comfortable solution to aching body limbs. It can also provide compression and warmth that reduces swelling after a physical activity. 

The elastic bandage nature of the tubular bandage means it self-adjusts to provide uniform pressure and support on the given body parts. It also allows flexible movements without constructions. 

Tubular bandages come in various lengths and sizes to match the specific use case. They can also be used together with foams and padding to help cushion the skin and relieve the compressive pressure caused by short stretch bandages. 

The versatility of the tubular bandage means it can be used on elbows, knees, ankles and thighs for the needed support. 

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