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When a water seal bottle is not sufficient to re-establish negative pressure in a patient’s thoracic cavity, a reliable and effective thoracic suction unit is necessary. 

One of the most useful features of a good suction unit is the ease of operation. In a high-stress environment, intuitive controls and accessible feedback could make a big difference in patient recovery.

USL Medical's experts source the best chest suction units from around the world. One of our most reliable and reputable manufacturer brands is Rocket UK. The Rocket Portable Thoracic Suction Unit is a digital unit that provides up to 5kPa of suction to patients while allowing full mobility.

We also supply a variety of chest drainage systems including portable and manual versions optimised for use in emergency situations. All thoracic drainage supplies including flexible tube catheters and peripheral components, such as suction unit power supplies, are also available. 

Make your order now for a high-quality chest suction unit.