Rckt Rocket Suction Unit Filter

  • Code: 854571

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 R54571 Rocket® PSU™ Filter

Attaching to the chest drain unit

  1. After priming and setting up the R54500 or R54509 chest drain tubing set (R54502, R54539), by
  2. Remove red bayonet sealing cap by rotating anticlockwise from "CLOSE" to "OPEN" position.
  3. Fill bottle with fluid to prime level noted on label.
  4. Open tubing package and attach tubing set to bottle by inserting straw and cap into aperture and twisting clockwise until clicked shut. Take care not to touch the straw.
  5. Once underwater seal has been established, place bottle on the floor and connect drainage catheter to tubing connector.
  6. Then remove the Blue handle and the Green venting cap from the chest drain.
  7. Unwrap the filter from packaging.
  8. Place filter on to the suction port of the R54500 or R54509 Chest Drainage bottle.
  9. Ensure when placing the filter the location peg is placed in the aperture previous occupied by the green venting cap.

CAUTION: If the filter is contaminated by fluid, the level of suction could be compromised.
The filter is designed to protect the pump mechanism from fluid ingress. If contaminated, the filter set MUST be replaced immediately.

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