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Medical personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn to reduce the risk of infection during a pandemic. Studies have established that the PPEs reduce the risk of infection by around 60-95%, which makes it essential for delivering health care.

Given that healthcare workers put themselves at risk when treating the infected patients, they need the PPEs for more safety. The PPEs like face shields, isolation gowns, disposable gowns, sterile bags, gloves and safety goggles have proven to be effective in infection control.

At USL Medical, we are after delivering comfortable, well-designed PPE for your worker’s most effective protection. Our wide range of PPE products will safeguard your employees while ensuring health and safety regulations compliance. Browse our stocks to find the right PPE for your needs.

All our PPEs are medical-grade as they are produced at the highest regulatory standards. They also come at competitive market prices to ensure access. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts on proper buying and use of the PPEs.