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In cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest, pocket resuscitation masks are medical devices used to deliver rescue breaths while performing CPR and resuscitation safely. This mask is a small and lightweight device that should be kept in every home, school, vehicle, and place of business for emergency use.

It is necessary to place a pocket mask over a patient's face to enclose their mouth and nose completely. After that, an emergency responder administers air to the patient through a one-way filter valve, which delivers approximately 16 percent oxygen to the patient. Most masks are equipped with a one-way valve or disposable filter to protect the responder from potentially infectious substances released by the patient.

A resuscitation mask kit from USL Medical includes a packet mask and a convenient carry case. There are bacterial air valves, oxygen ports, air filters, and cushion masks in the case too.

To ensure your safety in the event of a medical emergency, check out our selection of the best pocket masks. When it comes to pocket masks, you can rely on the advice of our team of professionals.