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Crepe Bandage

Crepe Bandage

A crepe bandage is used for support following a sprain or a strain. It is made of light materials like rayon, wool and cotton to support orthopaedic injuries and more. These bandages are commonly found in first aid kits everywhere including at hospitals, workplaces and in the family home. 

The crepe bandage can be wrapped around the wrists, elbows, hands, and other joints. They are elastic and stretchable and designed to avoid irritation. They also create compression which controls blood flow to help avoid swelling. They are also ideal for body heat retention and quick healing. 

Using the crepe bandage is simple and easy. Roll it around the injured area then secure it with two elasticised claw grips. Ensure the claw grips through the sides of the bandage. Remember not to tighten the bandage too much with regards to blood circulation. 

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