Dar Electrostatic Filter

  • Code: 14734

  • Unit: 

  • Combined filter / HME reduces set up time
  • Hygroscopic membrane traps patient’s moisture providing effective airway humidification
  • Low resistance to airflow reduces work of breathing
  • Effective moisture control reduces the risk of colonization in breathing tubes and reduces sampling line blockage
  • End tidal CO2 sampling port offers convenient access to airway gases
  • ISO standard 15 mm and 22 mm fitting connects with breathing system
  • Supplied clean and individually packaged

Indications for Usage

  • For adult (recommended tidal volume > 150 ml), single patient use on anesthetized patients and respiratory care patients who require a breathing circuit. The product is intended to be replaced at least once every 24 hours.
Code Description Unit
14734 Dar Electrostatic Filter BX25 Add to quote