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Rectal Tubes

As much as 20% of the population is estimated to suffer from constipation with the use of rectal tubes in the administration of enemas being crucial. More importantly, diagnostic enemas also require the use of high-quality, radiopaque rectal tubes. Whatever the application, you can rely on USL Medical to supply your facility with rectal tubes you can trust.

In many cases, rectal tubes are just one of the many enema supplies needed in these procedures. Products like enema suppositories, rectal catheters, enema bags and disposable enema buckets are also available.

Rectal tubes come in different sizes both sterile and non-sterile. You can pick up these tubes with unique features such as a funnel end, radiopaque material for barium administration, pre-lubricated and rounded edges for easy insertion and more.

As with all our other products, USL Medical ensures that all its rectal tubes are sourced from reputable brands, trusted in world-leading facilities everywhere.