Extremity Drapes

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17796 - Drape Extremity 2ply 225cmx300cm Apert 3cm

17797 - Drape Extremity 2ply 100cmx160cm Apert 4cm

BAMFORD stock the Secu-Drape® by STS Medical Group Sengewald

Sengewald was established in 1979 and entered the healthcare market as a supplier of drapes and gowns for surgical procedures and special packaging for medical device manufacturers.  Secu-Drape®  is the complete range of drapes, gowns and accessories for surgical interventions. The key guideline for all of the products is safety first.  The drapes are completely fluid and bacteria proof, protecting both patients and professionals alike. Sengewald is very proud to manufacture all of its own products; starting from raw materials. Secu-Drape® offers patients the highest level of comfort thanks to a thin layer of cellulose or polypropylene spunbond nonwoven that Secu-Drape® has on its own 3 layers.


The Secu-Drape Advantages:

– Consistent quality through fully automated manufacturing.
– Flexibility with custom products.
– Safe fluid control thanks to the adhesive zones extending right to the edge of the incision area.
– PP nonwoven for additional strength without a gap in the area of the operating aperture.
– Easy handling due to optimal folding and self-explanatory pictograms.
– Low material weight.
– Flexibility in sterilization methods (EO and radiation BETA OR GAMMA are possible)

The Secu-Drape Innovation:

Aquamarine represents a market innovation that is expected to reshape the way drapes are manufactured and used in surgical theatres around the world.

Secu-Drape ® Aquamarine: The Intelligent alternative

The best: Both in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness

Intelligent - Efficient - Ecological

An innovative material produced in Germany with the latest technologies and highly selected raw materials.  This is a new component of the Secu Drape product line.

Intelligent - Using a highly reliable and sophisticated technology, we created a new fabric for The Secu-Drape® Aquamarine.  With these optimal materials, we can perfectly respond to any professional’s requirements.

Efficient - Our most recent and advanced development:  In response to the constant increase in surgical interventions/operations and a greater attention to costs, the product represents an economical and safe alternative that will increase the efficiency in your operation bulk.

Ecological - Without PVC, softeners and heavy metals – for a more environmentally “friendly” waste, without compromising on safety.



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17797 100cmx160cm Apert 4cm EACH Add to quote