Portex Siliconised PVC Soft Seal Endotracheal Tube

  • Code: SM100166050

  • Unit: 


The Portex Siliconised ET tube with Soft Seal® cuff is made of non toxic siliconised PVC, which helps to protect the delicate mucosal tissue. It also combines the benefits of the profile cuff design with a larger cuff resting diameter to help offer the patient increased comfort over other products. The Soft Seal® cuff is made from soft PVC material with the intention of reducing the risk of trauma. Strong, yet thin, cuffed material help reduce the risk of folding and leakage. The Portex ET tube is perfect for the majority of all long-term intubation and short-term ICU stays.

  • Sizes 5.0mm-10mm
  • Radiopaque blue line extends full length of the tube
  • Vocal cord guide that aids the clinician in proper tube placement
  • Smooth cuff-to-tube weld and polished tapered tip with murphy eye
  • Unique spring-loaded, one-way valve helps ensure cuff inflation and integrity
  • 15mm ISO connection
Code Description Unit
SM100166050 5.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166055 5.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166060 6.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166065 6.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166070 7.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166075 7.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166080 8.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166085 8.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100166090 9.0mm EACH Add to quote
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