Portex South Cuffed Endotracheal Tube

  • Code: SM100136050

  • Unit: 


The Portex south clear PVC Soft Seal cuffed endotracheal tube by ICU Medical is primarily used for oral, nasal, ophthalmic and facial surgery. It offers surgical access in numerous situations with the inflation line tack-off point outside the mouth to avoid teeth damage.

  • Preformed south facing shape reduces the amount of connections, maximising security and improving surgical access
  • The design ensures good access to the surgical area
  • Sizes 5.0mm-9.0mm
  • Soft Seal® cuff
  • Murphy eye
Code Description Unit
SM100136050 5.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100136055 5.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100136060 6.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100136065 6.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100136070 7.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100136075 7.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100136080 8.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100136085 8.5mm EACH Add to quote