CADD Pump Pouch/Bag

  • Code: SM21216624

  • Unit: 


Form-fitted CADD® pump pouches are designed from nylon materials to accommodate CADD® pumps, dedicated disposables and medication bags or cassette reservoirs in a form-fitted single-use or reusable option.

Variety of Sizes CADD® pump pouches are available in several sizes to accommodate a variety of infusion therapies and help promote patient ambulation in the hospital and at home.

Each CADD® pump pouch contains:

• Hook and loop straps on the inside to hold a CADD® pump, tubing and a medication bag or cassette reservoir in place

• A buckled strap on the outside for flexibility to wear the pouch over the shoulder or around the waist

• A clear plastic panel to view the pump’s screen

Code Description Unit
SM21216564 CADD Pouch Pump 50/100mL (A) EACH Add to quote
SM21216624 CADD Pump 1L Back pack (B) EACH Add to quote
SM21216825 CADD Pump Shoulder Pouch/Bag (C) EACH Add to quote
SM21216924 CADD Pump 3L Back pack (D) EACH Add to quote
SM21216725 CADD Pump waist belt Pouch/Bag (E) EACH Add to quote
SM21217125 Black Single Use - 250/500ml (F) EACH Add to quote