Bandage Viscopaste PB7 7.5cm x 6m

  • Code: 1744

  • Unit: 


Viscopaste Zinc Paste Bandages is a general purpose first-line treatment for wet and dry leg ulcers.  Viscopaste bandages soothe and protect the skin and are easily removed.  To augment the treatment, always cover the Viscopaste bandage with a suitable bandage.

• Open weave bandage
• Impregnated with zinc paste
• Individually wrapped

• Open weave bandage
• Easy to apply and remove
• Will not dry out
• Moist wound healing environment over an ulcer

Impregnated with zinc paste
• Comfortable and soothing
• Reduces skin irritation

Individually wrapped
• Easy identification
• Easy storage

• For the management of leg ulcers.  Where venous insufficiency exists, the paste bandage should be adjunct to the graduated compression bandaging.
• For the management of chronic eczema/dermatitis where occlusion is indicated.

Code Description Unit
1744 Bandage Viscopaste PB7 7.5cm x 6m EACH Add to quote