SM Portex HEPA Filter

  • Code: SM002874

  • Unit: 


The Portex HEPA by Smiths Medical is a hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter providing a highly effective barrier to both liquid and airborne micro-organisms while presenting minimal resistance to gas flow. The patented even-pleated filter medium allows maximum filtration efficiency; deep pleats ensure consistent gas flow during prolonged use

  • Filter Type: Hydrophobic Paper Pleated + HME foam
  • Tidal volume: 150-1500ml
  • Humidity output: 31 @ 500
  • Dead space: 55ml
  • Weight: 40g
  • Gas sampling port
  • Filter efficiency: Bacterial 99.9999% Viral 99.9999%

Indicated for mechanically ventilated patients within critical care units, respiratory and anaesthesia areas, indicated for use with patients receiving manual and/or mechanical ventilation by way of a Tracheal tube (ETT or Trachey).