USL Medical brings you the widest range of chest drainage trocars and trocar catheters. These sterile, single-use, high-quality devices ensure precise, safe and easy use during thoracostomies and other procedures.

Features you can expect include precision aluminium or stainless steel trocars, clear PVC catheters, radiopaque PVC lines and accurate calibrations for depth assessment. 

We have trocars in all sizes from 12-32FG with tapered connectors for easy connection and smooth drainage capabilities. 

In part due to our dedication to quality and patient health, we make sure to check every brand of chest drainage trocars and trocar catheters we stock to prevent issues such as fluid leakage which can cause trauma and discomfort to the patient. 

USL Medical only supplies surgically-sharp trocars of the highest quality, perfect for all operative and non-operative procedures. For PVC, silicone, soft PVC and other types of trocar catheter sets for thoracostomy procedures, make your order with USL Medical.