Instruments Reusable

Instruments Reusable

Are you looking to buy reusable instruments at discount prices? At USL Medical, we have clearance sales to clear out aged and surplus stock. If you are a healthcare professional or hospital administrator, this is a golden chance for you to lower operational costs while maintaining quality and health safety standards at the top. 

Even though single-use instruments have become the norm, reusable medical devices are still a necessary part of every healthcare facility’s inventory. They are also “green” options that help reduce pollution and waste. 

The use or recycling of surplus supplies is a big part of the drive towards reducing medical waste. At USL Medical, we do our part by selling off surplus stock such as these reusable instruments as early as possible to those in need.

With our huge discounts, you can ensure that your facility is well stocked with some of the world’s premier healthcare brands. Reusable instruments frequently featured on this page include:

  • German-made vaginal specula
  • Stainless steel clamps and scissors
  • Surgical instruments such as forceps and pincettes
  • Cast and clothing shears
  • Scalpel handles
  • Probes and more.

This is the time to grab these reusable instruments and devices now while surplus stocks last.