Ecolite Dynamo

Ecolite Dynamo

The Ecolite Dynamo 4-in-1 Emergency Light with siren is a trusted and reliable medical accessory. The torch is charged within a few minutes and functions for an extended period of time.

This multifunctional torch is extremely mobile due to its lightweight construction and comes with multi-use cases. It features dual high brightness LED lights for dual functioning. It also supports mobile phone charging, radio use and has a siren for emergencies. All these functions are powered by an internal battery, rechargeable by dynamo handle or via DC IN.

When fully charged, the light can last for around 300 minutes while the DC charging point allows for phone power in case of emergency.

The Ecolite Dynamo is ideally suited for emergency medical care and is a great asset, ready to go when required.

USL Medical is a trusted supplier of the Ecolite Dynamo 4-in-1 Emergency Light.